Warranty Claims for Faulty Item(s):

For any item that is faulty, damaged, or falls upon warranty related issues, please contact our customer service department via the Contact Us section of our website and provide the below details:

- Order Number(s) of Warranty Request(s)
- SKU Number(s) of Warranty Item(s)
- Detailed Description of Issue(s) at Hand

Once our team receives the above information, we will begin processing your RMA request. Further information (such as greater details, pictures, etc.) may be requested.

The vast majority of items we carry will be handled in terms of warranty support direct through us. However, please note that select items will be replaced and / or repaired direct via the manufacture, no matter when the item / product was purchased. If this is the case, we will provide all noted contact details to establish proper warranty support.

Proper Warranty Procedure:

Proper warranty support via Prestige is a simple process and is structured as below:

- Dealer contacts Prestige RC with the above info relating to warranty support
- Prestige RC supports the dealer directly regarding warranty support
- Dealer supports their customer directly, maintaining the point of contact with their customer

Warranty Directives:

In relation to a warranty request for a faulty product, please be sure to NOT direct your customers to Prestige RC for direct support. Prestige RC is not setup for direct warranty support in this fashion and only deals with wholesale accounts. Retail customers that are directed to us by their dealers for direct warranty support will be directed back to said dealer for follow up.

Please do not send any retail customer to our sister store, HeliDirect, for warranty support, as HeliDirect is not setup for warranty support relating to your customers. Retail customers that are directed to HeliDirect by their dealers for direct warranty support will be directed back to said dealer for follow up.

Warranty Time Frames:

Relating to the products we carry, each product has a select warranty time frame validated via the manufacturer. Based upon the large array of products we carry, please contact our customer service staff in relation to warranty time frames.

As for warranty application date, warranty of a said product purchased via Prestige RC applies from time of purchase from you via your customer. Proof of purchase date may be requested via invoice relating to your customer's purchase date to validate warranty time frame.

Please be aware that manipulation of invoice dates relating to a product that is outside of warranty can result in immediate account suspension / termination. We ask that all our dealers play fair relating to warranty support when it comes to products purchased by your customer's that relate to a Prestige RC purchase.

Damage Limitations Regarding Product Warranty:

For products directly distributed via Prestige RC, (Pulse Ultra, iKON, Furious FPV, SAB, etc.), we will handle warranty procedures at the discretion of the manufacturer, but will assume no responsibility for any ancillary losses, damages, injuries or otherwise associated with the use or misuse of these products.

Warranty FAQ's:

Q: If my customer has a warranty issue that needs to be returned to Prestige RC for support, can I provide the RMA number to my customer and have my customer ship direct to Prestige RC?
A: Yes - as long as your customer writes the RMA number on the outside of the box and ships back to our address, we have no issues with your customer shipping product back to is directly. However, we will still maintain direct contact with you, as we do not support retail customers.

Q: If I have setup a drop ship order to my customer and the item that was drop shipped has been returned under warranty, will this item be shipped directly back to my customer?
A: Yes - we will ship the noted item(s) back to your customer based upon the original shipping address used for the drop ship order. Please be sure to alert us to any shipping address changes.

Q: Can I direct my customer to Prestige RC for support?
A: No - please be sure to contact us direct for warranty support upon your customer's behalf. This allows you to maintain the constant point of contact for your customer. Further, we do not deal direct with retail customers, so please do not direct any customer to our support team at Prestige RC.

Q: I cannot find the order number related to my warranty request(s) - how do I proceed?
A: We urge our dealers to do their best to locate the order number related to their warranty request(s), as we require the noted order number to process an approved RMA.

If you cannot locate the order number, please provide your best estimate of order date, and our reps will do our best to locate the order number for you.