General Customs Information:

For all international orders outside of the USA, certain duty fees or customs fees may be required upon delivery of your order. Please understand that we have no control over any duties, taxes, brokerage fees, or other such customs fees, and we cannot be held liable for any such fees, no matter what the situation may be.

Refused International Parcels:

Please note that if an order shipped via Prestige RC is refused upon delivery due to a customs related issue (whether this be directly via the account holder or a drop ship customer), this order will be abandoned by Prestige RC. For issues such as these, return shipping costs and customs fees are too costly to pay for the return of stated parcel, and such fees are not the responsibility of Prestige RC.

In a situation such as this, we cannot offer any credits, refunds or reshipment due to this circumstance. Further, if a PayPal dispute or Credit Card dispute is brought against us regarding such a matter, your account can be suspended or terminated at the discretion of Prestige RC.

Declared Values & Invoice Documentation:
Regarding any order placed with Prestige RC, we cannot / will not ship any order with a reduced value, low value, or ship any order as a "gift" or other such status. All orders shipped via Prestige RC will be shipped at FULL value with included invoice and shipping documents - no exceptions offered.

Please note that we cannot comply with any request for any value aside from the true / actual value of the order - no flexibility can be offered, no matter what the circumstance may be.

We apologize in regards to our international customers who incur high duty fees, customs, taxes of brokerage fees, but Prestige RC cannot be held liable for any order with a false value or false declaration. All orders shipped via Prestige RC will include all proper documentation and values for proper customs processing, and in no way can be modified or altered.

Regarding any order placed with Prestige RC with comments requesting a declared value / documentation  modification, please note that your order will be placed on hold, and we will contact you for feedback, as we will not be able to process and ship your order as requested. Only orders with full / complete values and included invoices & documentation will be able to ship out.


Q: I’m an International Customer – Will I Pay Taxes on My Order?
A: Your order may be subject to local customs fees, duties, taxes or brokerage fees. As a dealer, it is your responsibility to evaluate these possible fees, as Prestige RC bears no responsibilities for any fees, duties, taxes or brokerage fees placed upon your order, nor are we responsible for any declared value.

Prestige RC cannot/will not be held responsible or liable for any duty, fee, tax, brokerage fee or otherwise, and will not issue any refund, credit or re-ship any item due to such fees.

Q: I Received My Order, and the Taxes are More than I Want to Pay – What Do I Do?
A: Some countries have very expensive customs fees or duty fees, and at times, the fees may be more than you expected for your order. We are sorry to hear about this, but it is the dealers responsibility to be informed of such fees before an order is placed and shipped.

If the order is refused, abandoned or the duty fees are not paid, Prestige RC will offer no refunds, credits, discounts or otherwise.