Regarding payments, Prestige RC offers multiple payment options, and per the below details, all info regarding payments is noted for your convenience.

Accepted Payment Methods:
Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover)
Check/Money Order**
Bank Transfer / Wire Transfer***

PayPal Payments:

* Please note that if you are using a shipping address in your PayPal account for your order to be delivered to, that we will not use this address unless directed to do so by the customer before the order ships.

For all Prestige RC orders, we only ship to the address listed within our system, which is the customers responsibility to keep up to date. If the shipping address in your Prestige RC account differs from your PayPal account, and you are in need of shipping to a different address other than what’s listed via our system, please contact us right away, as we do not use the listed PayPal shipping address within your PayPal account.

Check / Money Order Payments:
** As for a check/money order option, please note that if this payment method is used, your order(s) will be placed on hold and will not ship till payment has cleared. Prestige RC also recommends a secure, tracked shipping method when sending a money order or check to us, as we cannot / will not be held liable or responsible for any check or money order that does not arrive to our facility.

To utilize a check / money order option, please add all items to your shopping cart, select the "Check / Money Order" option for payment, and complete your order as noted. Once you receive an email verification from us, submit a check / money order payment in the noted amount of the order to the address below:

Prestige RC
730 Eastern Ave., Unit 096
Mladen, MA 02148

Please include the order number on the check / money order, and also upon the envelope as well. Please also immediately message our staff via the Contact Us portion of our website and alert us of the order number you have placed, and the fact that a check / money order payment is being sent so we can properly annotate the order within our system.

Bank Transfer / Wire Transfer Payments:

*** For customers who would like to use a wire transfer method, please contact us via the Contact Us portion of our website for all wire transfer info.

For wire transfer methods, please have all items in your shopping cart, and one of our representatives can setup an order for you and place the order on hold while awaiting the wire transfer. Once payment clears our bank, we can then release your order.

We recommend alerting one of our staff members when payment has been sent via wire transfer, and once sent, we can watch for this payment in order to process your order as quickly as possible.
Note for Orders that Use Different Shipping & Billing Addresses:

For orders that use a different shipping & billing address, Prestige RC may place your order on hold and contact you for further verification in regards to your order. This may not always be the case, so if your order has been processed and you have not been contacted by phone or email, do not worry about your order, as we will be sure to get in touch with you if your order has any questions regarding shipping & billing addresses.

Payment Method FAQ’s:
Q: Is My Credit Card Info Safe?
A: Absolutely. Prestige RC uses the latest in SSL (Secure Socket Layering) technology that protects your credit card with every purchase. Feel free to shop safely with us, as your privacy is protected.
Q: Does Prestige RC Keep Credit Card Information On File?
A: No. We do not store any of your credit card information on our server. However, we do offer a "Save" option for your credit card details to help expedite future orders without the need to re-input credit card details with future orders. With this feature, your credit card details are stored securely and can be managed at any time via accessing your Account and selecting "My Credit Cards."
Q: Can I Use More Than One Credit Card To Place An Order?
A: No – Our system will only allow purchases to be made using (1) credit card payment only - multiple credit cards cannot be used for payment of (1) order.
Q: I’m A Local Resident in Malden, MA, or Will be in Your Area – Can I Pay at the Warehouse?
A: Yes – if you are local to our area, or will be picking up the order via our warehouse, you can pay on-site when you arrive to pick up your order. Cash or Credit Cards only – no checks will be accepted for immediate pickup.
Q: If I Use a PayPal e-Check Method for Payment, When Will My Order Ship?
A: If a PayPal e-Check option is selected when your order is placed, we will not be able to ship your order till the check clears through PayPal, so please be aware of this delay when using the e-Check method via PayPal.