Order FAQ’s:

Q: Where Do Your Orders Ship From?
A: All products on our site ship from our location in Malden, MA within the USA, and are stored & packaged in our warehouse in Malden, MA.
Q: Can I Change an Order Once it is Submitted?
A: No - once an order is entered into our system, we no longer have the ability to modify it. However, if the order has yet to ship, please Contact Us, and our staff can cancel your order, allowing you to generate a new order with items needed.

Please keep in mind that any cancelation request via help desk may not be responded to in time, and your order may ship out before your help desk ticket is answered. For all urgent matters regarding order changes, please contact us via phone at 866-441-5537, and we will do our best to assist.
Q: Can I Back Order Out of Stock Items?
A: No - unless the item is noted as a "Pre-Order" status, back orders cannot be processed.
Q: How Do I Place a Pre-Order?
A: For an item that shows on our site as a “Pre-Order” status, you can place the order online as normal via the pre-order link. Once the order is set, we will ship out as soon as stock becomes available.

Q: Does Prestige RC Accept Phone Orders, Fax Orders, or Snail Mail Orders?
A: The Prestige RC website is dedicated to make dealer orders fast, easy & efficient. Due to the limited support & larger bulk nature of dealer based orders, we recommend all orders be placed via the website, although we are happy to assist in whatever way we can via phone support.

As for orders based via mail or fax, we do not offer support via these channels. Please utilize the Prestige RC website for all orders being placed. However, if an issue arises that needs support, feel free to Contact Us for greater support.
Q: How Long Does it Take My Order to be Processed & Shipped Once I Place My Order?
A: The lion's share of our orders ship same day, with some orders shipping the following day. However, due to multiple shipping variables & demands upon our staff, we are unable to guarantee same day shipping, even for orders placed early in the day.
Q: Does Prestige RC Ship Internationally?
A: Yes! Prestige RC ships worldwide from our facility in Malden, MA, although certain countries may not apply. Please check Shipping FAQ’s for more information, or contact us below.
Q: How Do I Know if My Order Has Been Submitted Successfully?
A: If you have a valid email address within our system, you will receive an order confirmation number when your order is generated, processed & shipped.

If you have not received an email from us after an order has been placed, please check your junk / spam folder for an email that is sent from sales@prestige-rc.com.
Q: Will I Be Emailed Shipping Updates?
A: As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email stating your order has shipped, and if your order has a shipping method that offers tracking, the tracking number will be included in the shipping email.
Q: How Do I Keep Track of My Order?
A: Your order will be shipped via UPS, USPS Mail, or FedEx, and you may use the tracking number you receive via email to track your order.